Camo Hunter TIPITENT®14FT Diameter /slps 6-8 /can fit 2 cots w/gear & stove.


The Camo Hunter TIPITENT® is the ideal choice for your backcountry hunting adventures packing down to only twenty five pounds. The awesome brown leafy/branch forest camo pattern will blend in to the numerous picturesque surroundings your expeditions will take you. Great for horse back hunts, fly-in trips, spike and base camps where weight and volume is critical! Can accommodate 2 cots, gear and a woodstove very comfortably. The oversized backpack stuff sack will fit optional mosquito screen doors and detachable floor.


Setting up the TIPITENT® is as simple as: 1) Staking out the corners, 2) Raising the single center pole, 3) Securing the guy lines. 


Durable, Lightweight, Waterproof!
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Have a cooking fire or woodstove inside!











Air Vent








TIPITENT® Features include:

  • A large roomy lightweight TIPITENT® that can sleep 6 to 8 people.

  • Strong 4 piece aluminum tent pole 2mm wall thickness.

  • 13 adjustable tent peg loops and 36 reinforced guy lines ensures plenty of support to withstand high winds and harsh weather. 

  • Made of 185T rip-stop aluminum coated polyester, fire resistant with a waterproofing to 3000mm. 

  • All vertical seams reinforced with 1.5mm thick nylon bands (webbing) from the top of the TIPITENT® to the adjustable tent peg loops at the bottom. 

  • Beefy #10 zipper with rain/freeze cover and velcro tabs. 

  • Two closable air vents for ventilation. 

  • Rugged, abrasion resistant, windproof, all seams taped.

  • Full standing height inside.

  • UV coated.

  • Oversized backpack stuff sack.

  • The hexagonal design offers enough room for 2 cots, gear and a woodstove or cooking fire inside. (will fit 3 cots)


The Camo Hunter TIPITENT® is delivered complete with tent pole, tent pegs, top hat, guy lines and oversized backpack stuff sack.



Optional Accessories:

  • Mosquito Screen (kit incl. detachable screen doors and screen Tophat.)

  • Detachable Floor waterproof to 5000mm

  • Personal Mosquito Tent.



Camo Hunter TIPITENT® Specs:


Total weight including tent pole and tent pegs:11.5kg (25lbs)

Packing size:94cm x 25cm x25cm

Floor Area: 16.5sq m (178 sq ft)

Diameter: 426cm (14 feet approximate)

Tent pole height: 326cm (10' 8")

Tent pole weight: 2kg (5lbs)











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